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California is a Place: Schwinn Cruiser Bikes + Venice Beach

During the Christmas break I had a bit of spare time, coupled with some bad weather and no bike to ride due to warranties. As a result I ended up on the couch watching some of my favourite edits, mountain bike and not, and was re-introduced to the amazing film work of the guys from California is a Place. If you haven’t heard of these guys, but have a thing for quality, short documentary films, then click that link.

Although I have a soft spot for many of their great edits this one is more relevant, being that it is one of the few bike related films they have shot, and Schwinn bikes are just classics! Growing up my favourite rider was David Cullinen and at the time I got into biking, he rode for Schwinn. It’s only natural then that I wanted a Straight 8 and a 4 Banger. But before these mountain bikes ‘Cully’ ripped on, Schwinn made some of the most sought after cruiser bikes—enter this short film.

I don’t know where the guys from Cali is a Place source these great subjects for their documentaries, but they are awesome. Sit back a learn a little about the stoke that Venice Beach resident, Thomas Duggan gets from restoring old school cruisers and living in the area. Take in the quality filming and the tight edit and become immersed in the stories that the Cali is a Place team are so good at telling. If you want more I highly recommend the shorts, ‘Borderland’ and ‘El Ray’, to name just 2 of the fantastic stories to see in their collection.