Remi Gauvin Whistler SRAM Slalom 2019

Inaugural SRAM Slalom – Whistler 2019

I’m a complete sucker for dual slalom. Ever since first laying eyes on the format, I’ve been drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I’ve never raced it competitively—unless you consider the Grumpa Grass Slalom competitive—but it’s always been among the most enjoyable times straddling or watching bikes.

So when SRAM announced they were hosting a slalom event during the 2019 opening weekend of the Whistler Bike Park, I knew exactly what I was doing. Unfortunately, plans were shifted thanks to the soft, moist ground in the boneyard, but it wasn’t enough to put me off. I shifted my plans in order to make it happen, and it was as good as ever.
On Sunday, May 19, the gates dropped with a different format than the usual ones taken in slalom events. Racers had three runs in each lane, and the fastest times from each were combined, deciding the winner. It raised some concerns about the quality of racing, but thankfully it worked out. As usual, slalom delivered. Below are images from Open Men and Open Women.


What’s Yoann saying to his competitor, and what’s that elbow doing?
Yoann Barelli vs Bas Van Steenbergen
Magnus Manson
Remi Gauvin
Yoann Barelli
Rhys Verner
Magnus Manson
Bas Van Steenbergen vs Mark Wallace
Mark Wallace powering with the hardtail.
Yoann Barelli
Mark Wallace vs Rhys Verner
Bas Van Steenbergen on his way to the win. Finn Iles pushed him hard, each claiming faster times throughout the day.
Finn Iles puts his ski racing days to good use.
Lucas Cruz at the speed of sound
Yoann Barelli again. He punched out heaps of laps maxing out—six max each—well before racing finished.
Mark Wallace
Remi Gauvin on the gas
Finn Iles on the fine line


Vaea Verbeeck had the edge on Georgia Astle in every head to head.
But Georgia took the Open Women’s win, after challenging her partner Trev to a battle.
Vaea Verbeeck
The fun plate with an appropriate fun-haver.
Miranda Miller won the photographers kit of the day award.
Miranda Miller chasing her shadow
Vaea Verbeeck looks on form this year.