Leaves Cling onto Tree Branches

Weekly Wander no. 2: Clinging on in the Squamish Valley

After a brief hiatus thanks to an unlikely turn of events we’re back. Thankfully the days and weeks have been pretty nice lately with plenty of sunshine, or at least, no rain.

Heading out into Squamish Valley resulted in witnessing nature hanging onto the warmer months. Rather than succumb to gravity, dry leaves clung to branches from the now bare tree branches. However, an hour or so into the hike there was a turn, with ice formed along a number of rock features deep in the woods.

Leaves Cling onto Tree Branches
Squamish Rock Loaded with Texture
Cold and Frosty

These Woods, Them Ferns of Squamish
Fall Leaf Pile

Leaves Cling like a Natural Christmas Decoration

Shot on a Fuji XT-10 with a Fujinon 27mm 2.8 prime lens. Some minor tweaks were done in Lightroom on the phone.